Update 12/14/17

Update 12/14/17

Work on the project has progressed very well since the last update. Weather has been better than expected and other than the remnants of a couple of hurricanes, the project has been relatively dry. Work performed in November and December has been wide spread through the project.

Natural gas has completed relocation and service transfers to St. George. The old line has been taken out of service from the beginning of the project to St. George, which has gas essentially completed on part 1 of the project. Gas line installation has progressed onto the second part of the project with installation beginning at the Regions bank at Dartmoor Rd. Gas installation will progress towards Stonehenge.

Electric distribution work has transferred electrical services onto the new system down to Shorty Barnes Rd. and will continue towards Towne Center Blvd. The view along Peavine from the beginning of the project to Dartmoor Rd. has cleared up with the removal of all of the old steel electric transmission poles. There have been several new bores placed under Peavine as water line installation has moved north from St. George.

Phase I of the concrete box culvert near the beginning of the project has completed as well as completion of the phase I box culvert located on Westminster. Road work has made good strides with borrow fill being placed from St. George to Westminster with fill reaching sub-grade elevation in all but a couple of areas. Storm drainage pipe and catch basin installation has reached well into part 2 of the project. The storm drainage system has been installed from Lakeview Dr. to almost Westminster. Focus of the storm drainage has shifted back towards the beginning of the project near Stone Loop #2. Work in this area was halted for a period to allow utility work to complete.

Going forward through the end of the year and into January, utility (gas, water, electric) work will continue in project 2. Storm drainage installation will continue and road grade work will proceed as weather allows. Road grade work will include fill between Westminster and Weigel’s as well as placing material over the box culverts on Westminster and at the beginning of the project. Once the fill is placed on the Westminster box, traffic will be shifted to the new roadway and work on the phase II of this box culvert will begin. Comcast is scheduled to begin placement of strand on the new electric poles shortly after the first of the new year along with Frontier phone relocation.

Strides made during the winter months will allow for a strong start in the spring with placement of base stone on the new sections of Peavine Road. With the work progressing deeper into part 2 of the project, I ask that drivers continue to use caution while driving through the project, as workers and equipment will be present in more areas. There will be no work scheduled for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. However, subcontractors will have reduced work schedules for the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

Thank you for your continued patience.