Update 1/18/19

From Project Manager Todd Nash:

The Holiday season has come and gone, and our crews are working daily to make progress during the, so far, mild yet wet winter. Speaking of wet, the plateau and the project received record breaking amount of rain last year. The total amount ended up at 74.88 inches! The area historically averages around 55.09 inches which means an additional 19.79 inches above the norm. This made last year a challenge, and we can only hope that this year is closer to normal. Drier would be nice.

Grading crew concentrated on installing storm drainage structures and pipe in and around Dartmoor and are steadily moving toward Stonehenge. Rock has made the progress slower than anticipated but not unexpected. Gas line crew has been busy installing new lines across Dartmoor and at Robin Hood park. In addition, they have begun installing line from FFG Blvd to the end of the project. Working across the side roads has involved closing them and installing detours. Drivers can expect more closures with detours over the next few weeks as gas line is installed across Stonehenge and across FFG Blvd. Once the roads have been closed, crews will work diligently to install and get the roadways reopened to traffic.

Some asphalt paving was performed mid-December in order to install a traffic shift between the beginning of the project and Stone Loop #1. Installing this shift will allow concrete crews to complete the box culvert near the front of the project. Once better weather returns more asphalt paving will be performed and additional traffic shifts will be installed which will open up more storm drainage work. Crews have been attempting to install base stone in the stretch between Lakeview and Westminster as weather and ground conditions allow.

As always, we ask that drivers use caution while traveling through the project and adjust speeds according to the weather and roadway conditions. Noting speed, we have requested that TDOT allow for a lower posted speed through the project especially since we have installed a traffic shift and more are to be installed over the next few months. The lower speed should allow for safer travel through these areas and for our workers that will be performing.