Update 10/11/19

Update 10/11/19

Time has flown since the last post. Since shifting the traffic onto the new section of roadway between Red Barn and St. George, a flurry of activities has taken place for the second half of roadway in this stretch. Asphalt on the old roadway was milled out for recycling into new mix, cuts and fills were made to bring remaining roadway to subgrade,  hundreds of feet of storm drain pipe have been laid and 60 plus catch basins were installed. Base stone was installed, under drain installed and curb & gutter has been slipped. Grading behind the curbs has been performed for sidewalks. Work performed for this one stretch does not include work being performed elsewhere on the project.

In addition to the work above performed on Job 1, crews also brought roadway to subgrade between Firetower Rd and Stone Loop, base stone was installed and asphalt was recently paved. Also in this section, New Firetower was graded and traffic was placed on the new alignment. Work on Job 2 included completing the curb & gutter between Lakeview and Westminster, asphalt paving and pouring of sidewalks in this same section. Traffic was shifted on to new Lakeview while the old alignment was removed. Electric crews completed work to the end of the project and have been working on replacing an underground circuit at the Square. Phone work was completed to Dartmoor and then was started from there to the end of the project with installation of strand and cable. Phone crews have been splicing and completion is anticipated in the next few weeks. Dartmoor road was closed for installation of remaining storm drainage and grading to the new alignment. Traffic on Dartmoor will be on the new alignment when re-opened.

It has been a hot and dry summer and this trend is continuing into early fall. Not good conditions for fall colors and enjoying cool afternoons on the patio; however, these are ideal conditions for building roadways. Although, a little rain would be beneficial to keep the grass growing. Paving will continue periodically until seasonal limitations will not allow. Traffic shift is planned over the next few days to place traffic onto new roadway between St. George to past Westminster. Shifting will allow grading, storm drainage and final signal work to begin. Portions of the old roadway will be temporarily left to serve as a ‘frontage road’ to access businesses from the new roadway. Access points are planned at Woodgate,  both Woodlands Circle side roads and of course Towne Center. Signs will be posted showing access points. Please use caution once traffic is swapped until familiar with the access locations.

Traffic Update 7/14/19

Rogers Group will be performing two nights of paving on Sunday night and Monday night, July 14th & 15th.  The paving will occur on Peavine Road between Stone Loop and Cherry Branch. Traffic will be placed into one lane through this area. Times for the operation, both nights, will be 7 pm to 6 am. Drivers should look for and pay attention to the flagmen and use extreme caution as numerous trucks, workers and pieces of equipment will be present.  The area will be illuminated with portable light plants and lights will be used on the equipment.  Traffic will need to be held in both directions for short periods of time for the moving of equipment and to complete compaction of the asphalt.  To avoid delays, the suggested alternate route is Chestnut Hill Road.

Update – 7/8/19

Update – 7/8/19

Crews have been making great strides since the last update in April. As of that update, we had made a traffic swap onto the new roadway between the Red Barn and St.George. The pipe crew has been busy with installing storm drainage pipe along with numerous drainage structures and have completed the drainage between Shorty Barnes and Cherry Branch. They have recently been installing storm between Shorty Barnes and Spikes Grill (Fairview Rd).

After the traffic swap, grading crews removed the old Peavine roadway and have been getting side roads to grade. Firetower Rd. has been realigned and traffic was placed on the new alignment. The old Firetower roadway has also been removed.  Crews have also graded the left side of the road starting at Firetower Rd up to the top of the hill. Currently, this section is being covered with base stone. Grading has also been started on the right side at the Red Barn towards Shorty Barnes. Stone will be placed on this stretch very soon and then it will be ready for curb & gutter.

Paving crews have been busy installing asphalt paving from Lakeview up to Westminster and traffic will be placed on new Lakeview soon.  The stretch between Tuttle and Weigel’s has been covered in stone and is ready for curb & gutter installation. Sidewalk between Lakeview and Westminster is also ready for placement of concrete.

Electric crews have completed the aerial work from Dartmoor to the end of the project and have wrecked the old electric from the wood poles in this stretch as well. They will be starting an underground circuit this week that will run between Peavine and Wiltshire Heights at the outside edge of the ‘park’ area at Stonehenge.

Phone crews have completed new phone lines between Towne Center and Dartmoor as well as wrecking out the old network. Comcast has installed new distribution in the same stretch and are currently scheduling an outage to cut and splice the fiber line. Communication work will begin very soon to hang strand and cable between Dartmoor to the end of the project. Gas has begun excavating between Custard Cabin and Tuttle Lane on the left side. This will wrap up the major portion of the gas with the exception of a cut across Stonehenge intersection. Be looking for communication concerning the scheduling of this operation and how traffic will be affected.

It has been a very active project since the last update and weather has been very normal so far this summer. The pace of activity will continue to increase and changes will occur quickly. Additional traffic swaps are in the works with the paving we have been performing and will be performing. Please continue to be mindful of the work spanning just about the entire length of the project. Keep in mind that the speed limit has been reduced and the slower speed is appreciated while traveling through the project.

Project Update 4/22/19

After a very, very wet January and February, March brought what could be considered a drought. With the much drier conditions, crews  made significant progress on the project. Most visible has been the asphalt paving performed on approximately 2 miles of the new roadway. However, crews installed storm drainage from Fairfield Glade Blvd to the end of the project at Catoosa, new electric poles were installed between Snead Drive to near the end of the project at Westchester, telephone relocation was resumed from near Towne Center drive to Dartmoor, the second half of the box culvert near Firetower Rd was completed, the remaining lift of base stone was installed between Lakeview and Westminster, sidewalks & lowered drives were poured in locations where the curb & gutter has been installed, and gas line between Tuttle Lane and Dartmoor was tested and energized.

So far in April, traffic on Peavine has been moved from the old roadway onto the newly paved stretch between the Red Barn and St. George. With the added width of the new road, we were able to stripe a turn lane through this stretch to allow left turns without impeding traffic. As quickly as the traffic was turned, crews began the installation of new storm drainage on Shorty Barnes. Electric & telephone crews are continuing with their work on job 2 along with the gas utility. Curb & gutter is being slipped between Lakeview and Westminster and drainage castings are being installed right behind. This will be the next section of new roadway paved and another traffic swap is being planned for the section starting at St. George.

All in all, it has been a very good spring! Dry weather will allow crews to continue the progress and drivers can expect to see work in areas spanning the entire length of the project. TDOT has allowed the reduction of the posted speed through a majority of the project to 35 MPH to help with traffic in the shifts as well as the safety of the work crews and the traveling public. The speed limit was maintained at 30 MPH where previously posted. Please be aware of the reduced speed when traveling through the work zone and be aware of new access locations for side roads and driveways in the shifted section.

Road Closure Alert

Beginning Tuesday morning, April 23, Rogers Group Inc. will close Fairfield Glade Blvd at the Peavine Road intersection for the installation of a gas line. The closure will be for approximately 1 week while the work is being performed. Traffic using Fairfield Glade Blvd from Peavine Road will be detoured to Catoosa Blvd and onto Village Way. Although signage will be used for the detour at the Fairfield Glade Blvd/ Village Way intersection, traffic will be able to access Fairfield Glade Blvd as far down as the Eye Center driveway before the road is actually closed.

Do not hesitate to call with any questions. Thanks.

Update 4/12/19

Beginning on Monday, April 15, crews will be installing asphalt pavement near the St. George intersection as well as near the Cherry Branch intersection. This paving will occur on existing Peavine and is needed to create transitions onto the new roadway. This type of paving can also be expected on Tuesday, April 16th. By the end of the day on Tuesday traffic will be shifted onto the new roadway. Traffic on Peavine can expect delays in both directions on both days as this work is performed.

It is suggested that traffic use Chestnut Hill road as an alternate to avoid delays.

Update 2/20/19

From Project Manager Todd Nash:

It was mentioned in the January update that last year was a record rainfall year. Through the end of 2/19, the project has received slightly less than 14” of rainfall! This is twice the normal amount for this point in the year. The weather continues to challenge our ability to work productively. However, our crews have managed to work every opportunity.

The grading crew has continued to lay storm drainage and are currently hammering rock for structures and pipe at the Stonehenge intersection. This work will continue towards the end of the project at Catoosa Blvd. Gas crews have installed new line up to Stonehenge and from FFG to the end of the project. Plans have changed some with method of installation with the crew opting to directional bore several locations as opposed to open cut. By boring, gas line can be installed under side roads and other areas without having to close them. Electric work has progressed to Dartmoor and the section of new line has been energized between Tuttle Lane and Dartmoor. Overhead feeds to Lakeshore Townhomes have been made and crews will begin installing new poles between Sneed Road and the end of the project over the next few weeks. Revised plans will incorporate the high voltage steel poles so the number of new poles will be reduced.

The first lift of base stone was completed between Lakeview and Westminster. Crews are looking to start the second lift as soon as conditions allow. Concrete crews have been held off on completing the box culvert near the beginning of the project because of weather. Expectations are to start the excavation when dryer weather returns. While we cannot control the weather crews will continue to progress with activities that are less weather dependent.

Caution should always be exercised when traveling though the project but especially on rainy days as wet pavement adds an additional awareness factor to the commute. I hope to have the opportunity to complain about the number of sunny days we   receive in the next update!