Frequently Asked Questions

Will two lanes of traffic continuously be maintained?

No, not all the time. There will be needs for utility crossings and other construction that will cause minor interruptions in traffic. These interruptions will be held to as few as possible, and once interrupted we will work as diligently as possible to open traffic back in both directions.

If traffic is temporarily interrupted, how long will it be before it is moving in both directions?

Time of interruptions will not always be known nor will we know when they will take place. We will communicate upcoming interruptions on our web site and on roadside message boards of interruptions that we will certainly take place in our schedule. Planned interruptions will also be communicated to the Fairfield Glade community for distribution via email.

At what times of the days and days of the week will construction take place?

Rogers Group and our subcontractors are planning to work Monday through Friday with a makeup and overtime day on Saturday. The time for those days will be 6:30 am to 5:00 pm. If there are any lane restrictions the time will be 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Night time work is possible but only if conditions dictate. We will issue notice regarding night work via this website, roadside message boards and FG email.

Will there be any switching of lanes?

Yes, we will notify the public by roadside message boards, project website and FG email of any lane conversions that will take place.

Will you display a proposed roadway layout on your website?

Due to the file size of the documents and the limitations of a computer monitor, it is not feasible to post a complete layout. Questions about specific areas can be forwarded to project email.

Do you have a traffic control plan for emergency vehicles?

Yes, emergency vehicles will always have priority.

How often, can the public expect to see changes or amendments to Rogers Group’s website for notices and updates of construction?

Notices will occur once it has been decided to send one out. This could occur from day to day or week to week. Updates for construction progress will be at least once every 4 to 6 weeks. Plan on a monthly update at minimum.

How will construction of side roads be interrupted?

Specific construction of side roads will require notification of construction scheduling and construction details thru the roadside message boards, this website and FG email.

Will there be any detours?

No detours are planned. However, temporary detours could be an unforeseen possibility due to various construction sequences and scheduling. If any detours are necessary it will be communicated on the roadway through traffic control devices, message boards, this website and FG email.

Will there be any interruptions in utility services?

Yes, as a minimum certain tie-ins do have to be made. However, there may be some unplanned interruptions due to unknown underground circumstances that may occur. All planned interruptions will be communicated on this website and FG email.

Will there be any drilling and blasting to construct the roadway?

Yes, drilling and blasting will occur at various times to allow us to construct utility lines and the roadway.

What will the speed limit be during construction?

Traffic control has been designed to allow the speed that is posted now. Should construction require a reduction in speed this will be properly signed and placed on a message board if need.

What will the speed limit be after construction?

Post-construction speed limits will be 45 mph, reducing to 30 mph approximately 1,500 feet past Westminster Drive.

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