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Update 4/2/18

Update 4/2/18

Fom the project manager:

The last month has brought much better weather, which allowed for more work to be performed. Although, it has still been wetter than we would have preferred. Our grading subcontractor has backfilled the box culvert near the beginning of the project and moved some road and drainage material from cuts and used it to fill in other areas. Storm drainage installation progressed mainly in the section between Stone Loop #1 and #2. Slopes/ditches and some roadway near the beginning of the project has started to take shape and side drain pipes were placed under driveways. Concrete crews have also been forming and pouring the head walls on each end of the side drain pipes. Water line work mainly consisted of placing new service lines between St. George Rd. and Westminster Court. These services are now complete and the old mains will be taken out of service. Electric crews completed new electric on Phase I and are in process of wrecking the old lines. Phase II poles were scattered in preparation for install. Phone crews installed strand and started lashing new fiber to the strand. Comcast has continued working toward Towne Center as well. The signal subcontractor has completed two foundations on the new grade at Lakeview and has poured one foundation at Stonehenge. Drilling continues on foundations at Towne Center and the others at Stonehenge.

Grade work will continue in April with cutting slopes and ditches and bringing new roadway to grade. Grass will be planted on the slopes and in the ditches as they are completed and the roadway grade will be covered in base stone as it is made ready. Electric will progress into Phase 2 with new pole installation and hanging conductor. Comcast and phone will continue their work and should begin scheduling outages to bring new systems online. Concrete crews will continue to form and pour headwalls and storm drainage installation will continue. Gas line installation will resume with installation between Regions Bank and the end of the project before backing up to install the section between Towne Center and the Custard Cabin. With the underground utility work complete up to Westminster Court, crews will be seeding and mulching the slopes and new roadway to provide temporary stabilization until road grade work can catch up.

April should bring better working conditions and hauling of roadway fill will resume which will result in more trucks entering and exiting the roadway. We ask that drivers be mindful of these operations and expect slower moving vehicles.