Update 5/31/17

Update 5/31/17

From Project Manager Todd Nash:

This month the water installation has been made down to near the Red Rooster and a tie-in to the existing waterline has been made at this location. Testing is being performed and service relocations in the stretch between Firetower and Red Rooster will begin soon. Gas line installation has progressed to Landscape Solutions. A gas bore under Peavine was also made this month just south of the Miller Doughnut stand. Rock continues to plague the installation of both these utilities, but crews are making good progress in spite.

Electric pole installation was started and several poles have been stood in the first mile. More poles will be stood in the coming month in the second mile of the project. Clearing has moved along to just south of Westminster. Although good progress has been made with the clearing, wet weather has had a big impact on finishing this operation this month.

The grading subcontractor has placed some borrow (material brought from offsite) in certain areas, and the graded solid rock has been placed in accessible areas. More of the graded solid rock will be placed at the beginning of the project between the pond and existing roadway once other operations in that area are completed.

In the coming month, box culvert construction, storm drainage and additional road building operations will begin. Gas, water and electric construction will continue.

As always, please use caution when driving through the project as several operations, multiple pieces of equipment and workers will be encountered throughout the project. Rogers Group wants to keep workers and the traveling public safe! Thanks.