Project Overview

Click here to view the State Route 101 (Peavine Road) project website maintained by the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT).

Peavine RoadBasics

  • Budget: $49 million contract
  • Timeline: February 2017 – November 2020
  • Location: State Route 101 (Peavine Road) from Firetower Road to east of Westchester/ Catoosa Blvd in Fairfield Glade
  • Roadway improvements for approximately 5.6 miles
  • Design is to improve safety and mobility


  • Finished project will contain four- and five-lane sections: two 12-foot lanes in each direction plus, in some areas, a 12-foot dedicated center turn lane. (Existing roadway is primarily two lanes.)
  • 10-foot paved shoulders
  • Curb & Gutter and Sidewalks

Section details

  1. Firetower Road to Stone Loop Gap (1 mile)
    • Four 12-foot lanes (two each direction) and 12-foot center turn lane
    • 12-foot shoulders (10-feet paved)
  2. Stone Loop Gap to Dartmoor Road (3.5 miles)
    • Four 12-foot lanes (two each direction)
    • 12-foot center turn lane
    • 10-foot paved shoulders
    • Concrete curbs and gutters with sidewalks
  3. Dartmoor Road to Westchester/ Catoosa (1 mile)
    • Continues with same five-lane, curb and gutter design
    • Only difference is the 10-foot shoulder is dropped

Utility Improvements

  • Electric distribution
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Natural Gas
  • Communications: Frontier, VolFirst and Comcast

Project by Numbers

  • 226,300 tons of aggregate base
  • 93,760 tons of hot-mix asphalt paving
  • 21,346 tons of rip-rap (crushed limestone)
  • 127,071 cubic yards (CY) of road and drainage (dirt/stone used for grading)
  • 90,184 CY of borrow (dirt/stone used for grading)
  • 40,555 linear feet (LF) of storm drainage pipe
  • 349 concrete drainage structures
  • 6,683 CY of concrete
  • 70,456 pounds of steel rebar
  • 24,445 LF of water line
  • 31,785 LF of natural gas line
  • 176 EA electric poles
  • New traffic signals at Towne Center, Lakeview and Stonehenge/Eagle Lane intersections
  • 19 subcontractors