Update 5/17/18

It appears that we have had another short Tennessee spring as May has brought summer heat! On the plus side, it’s great weather for construction. On project 1, the grading subcontractor has had a productive couple of weeks so far this month with pulling ditches and grading roadway to subgrade on the front end of the project. We installed a small traffic shift on Peavine coming onto the project at Firetower Rd to allow grading of the old shoulder to construct width for the new roadway. Rogers Group started a crew installing base stone on the graded roadway last week on the right side from the beginning of the project up towards Stone Loop #1. As more roadway is graded, the stone will continue on the right hand side and will begin on the left side in the next couple of weeks. Paving will not be far behind. Frontier phone and Comcast contractors have completed installing the new phone and cable lines and have begun wrecking off of the old poles. (I cannot begin to tell you how happy I will be when the old poles come down!) Concrete crews have been productive forming and pouring concrete for the head walls on the side drain pipes at driveways.  Our landscape sub has installed seed and matting on the slopes and ditches that have been graded and will continue to cover more area as the topsoil is placed.

On project 2, the grading sub has been laying storm drainage north of Westminster as well as installing road fill between Tuttle Ln. and the Weigel’s store. Phase I of the box culvert on Westminster has been backfilled and roadway fill placed to allow for swapping traffic very soon. Once traffic is moved to the new box, construction on Phase II of the new box will start. Our electric sub has been busy drilling holes and standing new poles from the Lakeview area up to Tuttle Lane. Gas line has been resumed from the Dollar Tree and will proceed up the left side of the old road towards the Custard Cabin. New water line main has been installed past Westminster along with two roadway bores under Peavine: one at Tuttle and the other near Weigel’s. A bore for sanitary force main has been installed near Weigel’s as well. Water main installation will continue from Tuttle to Snead Road over the next few weeks. Traffic signal pole foundations continue to be drilled and poured at Stonehenge.

The gas line work and the electric work on Project 2 and the continued grading work on both projects will produce trucks entering and exiting Peavine as well as workers and equipment operating right up to the edge of the travel lane. Drivers can expect to encounter flagging operations in areas between Firetower and Tuttle Ln. on any given day.  I request our subcontractors to be mindful of the traffic traveling Peavine and the side roads while work is being performed and I ask that these same drivers be mindful of the work we are performing and reduce speed when traveling where workers or equipment is present.