Update 4/29/17

Update 4/29/17

FromĀ Project Manager Todd Nash:

Last month, most of the operations other than the clearing were concentrated around the beginning of the project. Crews have been able to spread out this month. After completing a bore under Peavine Road near Firetower Road, water line installation has progressed to Stone Loop. Along the way, a second bore, under Peavine Road, for water services, was completed as well. The natural gas line has had similar progress with line installed from near Firetower up to Stone Loop. Our gas contractor will have two bores under Peavine in the stretch between Firetower and Stone Loop also. Both water and gas will continue for the coming month. Steady progress for both are expected.

Grading work continues with stripping topsoil, installing shot rock and road fill between rain events. Cutting and filling operations will begin soon. Clearing and grubbing activity has progressed past Towne Center Road and will continue to progress in the continuous stretch between Lakeview and Tuttle. The clearing operation is expected to be completed by the end of May.

New electric pole installation in the first mile of the project is expected to begin soon as the underground utilities progress further up and out of the way.

There is quite a bit of activity in several different areas, and, as always, we ask that drivers look out for workers and drive at a slower speed through the project. Orange and white drums have been placed on the shoulders through a majority of the project, and we ask that drivers be aware of them as well.