Road Closure Alert

Beginning Tuesday morning, April 23, Rogers Group Inc. will close Fairfield Glade Blvd at the Peavine Road intersection for the installation of a gas line. The closure will be for approximately 1 week while the work is being performed. Traffic using Fairfield Glade Blvd from Peavine Road will be detoured to Catoosa Blvd and onto Village Way. Although signage will be used for the detour at the Fairfield Glade Blvd/ Village Way intersection, traffic will be able to access Fairfield Glade Blvd as far down as the Eye Center driveway before the road is actually closed.

Do not hesitate to call with any questions. Thanks.

Update 4/12/19

Beginning on Monday, April 15, crews will be installing asphalt pavement near the St. George intersection as well as near the Cherry Branch intersection. This paving will occur on existing Peavine and is needed to create transitions onto the new roadway. This type of paving can also be expected on Tuesday, April 16th. By the end of the day on Tuesday traffic will be shifted onto the new roadway. Traffic on Peavine can expect delays in both directions on both days as this work is performed.

It is suggested that traffic use Chestnut Hill road as an alternate to avoid delays.

Update 2/20/19

From Project Manager Todd Nash:

It was mentioned in the January update that last year was a record rainfall year. Through the end of 2/19, the project has received slightly less than 14” of rainfall! This is twice the normal amount for this point in the year. The weather continues to challenge our ability to work productively. However, our crews have managed to work every opportunity.

The grading crew has continued to lay storm drainage and are currently hammering rock for structures and pipe at the Stonehenge intersection. This work will continue towards the end of the project at Catoosa Blvd. Gas crews have installed new line up to Stonehenge and from FFG to the end of the project. Plans have changed some with method of installation with the crew opting to directional bore several locations as opposed to open cut. By boring, gas line can be installed under side roads and other areas without having to close them. Electric work has progressed to Dartmoor and the section of new line has been energized between Tuttle Lane and Dartmoor. Overhead feeds to Lakeshore Townhomes have been made and crews will begin installing new poles between Sneed Road and the end of the project over the next few weeks. Revised plans will incorporate the high voltage steel poles so the number of new poles will be reduced.

The first lift of base stone was completed between Lakeview and Westminster. Crews are looking to start the second lift as soon as conditions allow. Concrete crews have been held off on completing the box culvert near the beginning of the project because of weather. Expectations are to start the excavation when dryer weather returns. While we cannot control the weather crews will continue to progress with activities that are less weather dependent.

Caution should always be exercised when traveling though the project but especially on rainy days as wet pavement adds an additional awareness factor to the commute. I hope to have the opportunity to complain about the number of sunny days we   receive in the next update!

Update 1/18/19

From Project Manager Todd Nash:

The Holiday season has come and gone, and our crews are working daily to make progress during the, so far, mild yet wet winter. Speaking of wet, the plateau and the project received record breaking amount of rain last year. The total amount ended up at 74.88 inches! The area historically averages around 55.09 inches which means an additional 19.79 inches above the norm. This made last year a challenge, and we can only hope that this year is closer to normal. Drier would be nice.

Grading crew concentrated on installing storm drainage structures and pipe in and around Dartmoor and are steadily moving toward Stonehenge. Rock has made the progress slower than anticipated but not unexpected. Gas line crew has been busy installing new lines across Dartmoor and at Robin Hood park. In addition, they have begun installing line from FFG Blvd to the end of the project. Working across the side roads has involved closing them and installing detours. Drivers can expect more closures with detours over the next few weeks as gas line is installed across Stonehenge and across FFG Blvd. Once the roads have been closed, crews will work diligently to install and get the roadways reopened to traffic.

Some asphalt paving was performed mid-December in order to install a traffic shift between the beginning of the project and Stone Loop #1. Installing this shift will allow concrete crews to complete the box culvert near the front of the project. Once better weather returns more asphalt paving will be performed and additional traffic shifts will be installed which will open up more storm drainage work. Crews have been attempting to install base stone in the stretch between Lakeview and Westminster as weather and ground conditions allow.

As always, we ask that drivers use caution while traveling through the project and adjust speeds according to the weather and roadway conditions. Noting speed, we have requested that TDOT allow for a lower posted speed through the project especially since we have installed a traffic shift and more are to be installed over the next few months. The lower speed should allow for safer travel through these areas and for our workers that will be performing.

Update 12/10/18

With winter weather arriving earlier than normal for the plateau, the construction work has had to shift gears to performing work that is not as weather dependent. The project received 6.36” of rain during November and has received 2.16” so far in December. Adding several days of freezing temperatures and not much sun, the project is wet and not drying which does not allow for dirt work, base stone or paving operations to take place. The project has had a surplus 16.63” of rain to date over historical average. There are seasonal limitations to installing asphalt paving, and we are not allowed to excavate or install dirt when the material is frozen. Likewise, base stone is not allowed to be installed on frozen ground. These limitations and restrictions result in a reduced work force that is visible on the project.

Crews managed to bring the stretch of new alignment between Lakeview and Westminster to subgrade and they have also begun the installation of storm drainage on Dartmoor Rd. Storm drainage installation will continue moving north during the upcoming months. Gas crews have been busy with installing 6” gas across the Weigels parking lot and have jumped to the line north of Regions Bank and will continue towards Stonehenge and the end of the project throughout the winter. Both of these activities have been experiencing rock and production has been slow with having to hammer to remove rock. Backfilling curb and grading for sidewalk has been continuing and this activity should be near completion by the end of the month. Sidewalk installation is weather dependent and will begin as conditions allow. Several areas have been covered with temporary seed and straw and will be left idle during the winter.

Limitations due to winter weather are expected and we will capitalize any opportunity to perform earthwork or base stone during the next few months when weather and site conditions allow. As 2018 comes to a close we wish all a Happy Holiday season and continue to ask that drivers be mindful of the work taking place and drive safely through the project. Winter weather can quickly change the driving conditions. There will be no work scheduled for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. However, some subcontractors will have work scheduled for the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

Update 11/8/18

Just as the leaves have changed, so has the look of the project. October was a pretty good month but could have been better. With cooler temps and shorter days, the job took a little longer to dry after rains. Crews were still able to make progress north of Lakeview by removing topsoil piles, hammering rock and placing borrow. This work will progress into early November and crews will begin covering the subgrade with base stone as weather allows. Backfilling of curb & gutter continued down to St. George. Topsoil was added to the slopes during the backfilling, and seed and straw were applied.  Fall is ideal for growing grass and these areas are already turning green.

Electric work continued with new poles and conductor installed to the edge of the Weigel’s parking lot. Crews will continue electric work in this area by installing new overhead electric service feeds to poles in front of Lake Shore Terrace condominiums. Gas line installation completed on Westminster and the line was tested and energized. Gas will continue work with installing new 6-inch between Tuttle Lane and Dartmoor. Comcast has been transferring cable from the old poles onto the new poles starting at the Dollar Tree and proceeding north. Phone crews will begin working in the same stretch in the next few weeks.

This time of year has all of us preparing for winter and road work is no different. Work will continue but as weather fades, the work changes to activities that are not as weather dependent. However, crews will take advantage of good weather opportunities to perform dirt work and asphalt paving from now to the end of the year. Please continue to be mindful of the work taking place as you travel through the project and as always be careful with changing road conditions as we experience the fall weather.

Emergency Repair Notice

Tomorrow morning, Saturday, November 3, crews will be replacing a crash attenuator near Firetower Rd that was hit and damaged late last night or early this morning. We regret the late notice; however, repair/replace of the crash unit is needed as soon as possible. The crew will begin work at approximately 10 a.m. and will require reducing traffic to one lane using flagmen. Periodic traffic stoppage may be necessary when removing the damaged unit and replacing with the new one.