Update 12/3/19

As early fall was summer-like with high temps and dry weather, November has brought more autumn-like temperatures along with a dose of winter. A traffic shift was made on Job 2 between St. George and Westminster, which gives access to the remaining portion of new alignment. Since the day after the shift, crews have been busy removing the old roadway, grading and installing storm drainage pipe and structures. Portions of the old roadway are being used as a temporary frontage road to allow access to the businesses in this portion of the project. As grading and drainage are performed, crews will install individual business drives and the frontage road will be removed. Base stone installation has also been installed as the new alignment is graded.

While the majority of the work has been concentrated on Job 2, work has been continuing on Job 1 as well. The remainder of the side roads, excepting Fairview Rd, have been paved, curb tie-ins at catch basins have been poured and sidewalk, and lowered drives are being poured. Seeding and mulch has been placed on the slopes between Cherry Branch and St. George. Additional work performed on Job 2 includes the paving and re-opening of Dartmoor Road, completion of the underground electric at the ‘Square’, and completion of the natural gas work. Much anticipated signal work at Lakeview will resume as the traffic shift has given access.

Work will continue through the winter months as weather allows. Visible work will include grading and storm drainage installation, base stone installation, signal foundations and concrete sidewalk/ curb work. Drivers should use caution while accessing the businesses on Job 1 as the drives and sidewalks are being poured. Drivers should also use caution accessing businesses on Job 2 as the access points are changing almost daily. One day the access may be off the frontage road and the next will be via individual drive.

We greatly appreciate everyone’s continued patience, especially during the holidays, which will see greater traffic flow and many drivers who do not normally travel the area. If you have family visiting the area who are not familiar with the work being done, please encourage them to be cautious as they enter the area.

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