Update 10/11/19

Time has flown since the last post. Since shifting the traffic onto the new section of roadway between Red Barn and St. George, a flurry of activities has taken place for the second half of roadway in this stretch. Asphalt on the old roadway was milled out for recycling into new mix, cuts and fills were made to bring remaining roadway to subgrade,  hundreds of feet of storm drain pipe have been laid and 60 plus catch basins were installed. Base stone was installed, under drain installed and curb & gutter has been slipped. Grading behind the curbs has been performed for sidewalks. Work performed for this one stretch does not include work being performed elsewhere on the project.

In addition to the work above performed on Job 1, crews also brought roadway to subgrade between Firetower Rd and Stone Loop, base stone was installed and asphalt was recently paved. Also in this section, New Firetower was graded and traffic was placed on the new alignment. Work on Job 2 included completing the curb & gutter between Lakeview and Westminster, asphalt paving and pouring of sidewalks in this same section. Traffic was shifted on to new Lakeview while the old alignment was removed. Electric crews completed work to the end of the project and have been working on replacing an underground circuit at the Square. Phone work was completed to Dartmoor and then was started from there to the end of the project with installation of strand and cable. Phone crews have been splicing and completion is anticipated in the next few weeks. Dartmoor road was closed for installation of remaining storm drainage and grading to the new alignment. Traffic on Dartmoor will be on the new alignment when re-opened.

It has been a hot and dry summer and this trend is continuing into early fall. Not good conditions for fall colors and enjoying cool afternoons on the patio; however, these are ideal conditions for building roadways. Although, a little rain would be beneficial to keep the grass growing. Paving will continue periodically until seasonal limitations will not allow. Traffic shift is planned over the next few days to place traffic onto new roadway between St. George to past Westminster. Shifting will allow grading, storm drainage and final signal work to begin. Portions of the old roadway will be temporarily left to serve as a ‘frontage road’ to access businesses from the new roadway. Access points are planned at Woodgate,  both Woodlands Circle side roads and of course Towne Center. Signs will be posted showing access points. Please use caution once traffic is swapped until familiar with the access locations.

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