Update – 7/8/19

Crews have been making great strides since the last update in April. As of that update, we had made a traffic swap onto the new roadway between the Red Barn and St.George. The pipe crew has been busy with installing storm drainage pipe along with numerous drainage structures and have completed the drainage between Shorty Barnes and Cherry Branch. They have recently been installing storm between Shorty Barnes and Spikes Grill (Fairview Rd).

After the traffic swap, grading crews removed the old Peavine roadway and have been getting side roads to grade. Firetower Rd. has been realigned and traffic was placed on the new alignment. The old Firetower roadway has also been removed.  Crews have also graded the left side of the road starting at Firetower Rd up to the top of the hill. Currently, this section is being covered with base stone. Grading has also been started on the right side at the Red Barn towards Shorty Barnes. Stone will be placed on this stretch very soon and then it will be ready for curb & gutter.

Paving crews have been busy installing asphalt paving from Lakeview up to Westminster and traffic will be placed on new Lakeview soon.  The stretch between Tuttle and Weigel’s has been covered in stone and is ready for curb & gutter installation. Sidewalk between Lakeview and Westminster is also ready for placement of concrete.

Electric crews have completed the aerial work from Dartmoor to the end of the project and have wrecked the old electric from the wood poles in this stretch as well. They will be starting an underground circuit this week that will run between Peavine and Wiltshire Heights at the outside edge of the ‘park’ area at Stonehenge.

Phone crews have completed new phone lines between Towne Center and Dartmoor as well as wrecking out the old network. Comcast has installed new distribution in the same stretch and are currently scheduling an outage to cut and splice the fiber line. Communication work will begin very soon to hang strand and cable between Dartmoor to the end of the project. Gas has begun excavating between Custard Cabin and Tuttle Lane on the left side. This will wrap up the major portion of the gas with the exception of a cut across Stonehenge intersection. Be looking for communication concerning the scheduling of this operation and how traffic will be affected.

It has been a very active project since the last update and weather has been very normal so far this summer. The pace of activity will continue to increase and changes will occur quickly. Additional traffic swaps are in the works with the paving we have been performing and will be performing. Please continue to be mindful of the work spanning just about the entire length of the project. Keep in mind that the speed limit has been reduced and the slower speed is appreciated while traveling through the project.

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