Project Update 4/22/19

After a very, very wet January and February, March brought what could be considered a drought. With the much drier conditions, crews  made significant progress on the project. Most visible has been the asphalt paving performed on approximately 2 miles of the new roadway. However, crews installed storm drainage from Fairfield Glade Blvd to the end of the project at Catoosa, new electric poles were installed between Snead Drive to near the end of the project at Westchester, telephone relocation was resumed from near Towne Center drive to Dartmoor, the second half of the box culvert near Firetower Rd was completed, the remaining lift of base stone was installed between Lakeview and Westminster, sidewalks & lowered drives were poured in locations where the curb & gutter has been installed, and gas line between Tuttle Lane and Dartmoor was tested and energized.

So far in April, traffic on Peavine has been moved from the old roadway onto the newly paved stretch between the Red Barn and St. George. With the added width of the new road, we were able to stripe a turn lane through this stretch to allow left turns without impeding traffic. As quickly as the traffic was turned, crews began the installation of new storm drainage on Shorty Barnes. Electric & telephone crews are continuing with their work on job 2 along with the gas utility. Curb & gutter is being slipped between Lakeview and Westminster and drainage castings are being installed right behind. This will be the next section of new roadway paved and another traffic swap is being planned for the section starting at St. George.

All in all, it has been a very good spring! Dry weather will allow crews to continue the progress and drivers can expect to see work in areas spanning the entire length of the project. TDOT has allowed the reduction of the posted speed through a majority of the project to 35 MPH to help with traffic in the shifts as well as the safety of the work crews and the traveling public. The speed limit was maintained at 30 MPH where previously posted. Please be aware of the reduced speed when traveling through the work zone and be aware of new access locations for side roads and driveways in the shifted section.

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