Update 2/20/19

From Project Manager Todd Nash:

It was mentioned in the January update that last year was a record rainfall year. Through the end of 2/19, the project has received slightly less than 14” of rainfall! This is twice the normal amount for this point in the year. The weather continues to challenge our ability to work productively. However, our crews have managed to work every opportunity.

The grading crew has continued to lay storm drainage and are currently hammering rock for structures and pipe at the Stonehenge intersection. This work will continue towards the end of the project at Catoosa Blvd. Gas crews have installed new line up to Stonehenge and from FFG to the end of the project. Plans have changed some with method of installation with the crew opting to directional bore several locations as opposed to open cut. By boring, gas line can be installed under side roads and other areas without having to close them. Electric work has progressed to Dartmoor and the section of new line has been energized between Tuttle Lane and Dartmoor. Overhead feeds to Lakeshore Townhomes have been made and crews will begin installing new poles between Sneed Road and the end of the project over the next few weeks. Revised plans will incorporate the high voltage steel poles so the number of new poles will be reduced.

The first lift of base stone was completed between Lakeview and Westminster. Crews are looking to start the second lift as soon as conditions allow. Concrete crews have been held off on completing the box culvert near the beginning of the project because of weather. Expectations are to start the excavation when dryer weather returns. While we cannot control the weather crews will continue to progress with activities that are less weather dependent.

Caution should always be exercised when traveling though the project but especially on rainy days as wet pavement adds an additional awareness factor to the commute. I hope to have the opportunity to complain about the number of sunny days we   receive in the next update!

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